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Pureti Clean & Fresh Starter Pack – pack refill size (32oz), professional Kwazar spray bottle, microfiber towel

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Pureti Clean & Fresh™ Starter Pack – 32oz with sprayer and cloth

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Pureti Clean and Fresh™ Starter Pack – Pureti refill bottle size (32oz), professional Kwazar spray bottle, microfiber towel.

The refill size (32oz) (946ml) of PURETi Clean & Fresh will cover up to 944 sq. ft of surface area and then once applied provide up to 3 months of continuous cleaning and purification.

•  Spray on any surface and PURETi starts cleaning a million times a second.

•  Refill size (32oz) may be applied utilizing the professional Kwazar spray bottle, releasing product in the pull and release of the spraying handle.

•  1 microfiber towel included with purchase.

•  PURETi is effective both inside and outside.

•  Every 3 months reapply PURETi for continued cleaning.


Deliveries to UK only.  Please allow up to 7 days.  100% Guarantee – Money Back if not fully satisfied with the product, returns within 30 days.



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