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PURETi Clean ™

PURETi Clean™

PURETi Clean™ makes any surface self-cleaning and eco-sustainable, which proactively removes the accumulation of dirt and biofilm, improves air quality and eliminates organic odors. Formulated with the most advanced technology currently available in an advanced aqueous photocatalytic oxidation solution (UV-PCO), PURETi Clean™ uses light, not chemicals to clean surfaces in an eco-sustainable way, for the benefit of the environment.

PURETi Clean™ can be easily integrated into any new construction or renovation project. In collaboration with architects, builders and planners, to ensure that PURETi Clean™ is perfectly integrated into the project and meets all specifications. The self-cleaning capability of PURETi Clean™ allows the pristine buildings to be maintained as the day they were erected. Perhaps most importantly, the environmental benefits of PURETi Clean™ help distinguish new construction and restoration projects as examples of environmental leadership and eco-sustainability.


• Actively reduces pollution levels when applied to exterior surfaces such as cement and building facades.
• Eliminates unpleasant odors.
• The formation of a super-hydrophilic surface that allows easy removal of dirt.
• Applicable to any surface including: concrete, stone, ceramic tiles, painted walls, plastic and metal maximum efficiency long life.