PURETi™ can be a major contributor to sustainability efforts by making surfaces proactively improve air quality, conserve water and energy, and significantly reduce the use of chemicals used in cleaning.


Specify PURETi™ applications on the building envelope and hardscapes. Transform buildings into air scrubbers.

Energy Savings

Cool white roofs and Solar Panels are essential parts of building sustainability, but they cannot work at their best if they are dirty.  PURETi™ can be applied before or after installation to keep them cleaner longer and preserve the intended functionality.

The “NOx Neutral” Facility

Every outdoor surface treated with PURETi™ works to reverse pollution, in part by breaking down NOx.  Spray enough surface area, and you can offset a major pollution effect caused by the cars driving to a building every day.

Don’t just reduce pollution, reverse it.

Photocatalytic oxidation is an innovative way to reduce pollution levels after pollution has occurred by removing NOx, methane and volatile organic compounds from the air while reducing the energy used for cleaning.

PURETi™ helps save water by reducing wash cycles and helps save energy by making white roofs more reflective and solar panels more efficient.

A cost effective application of PURETi™ lasts for 5 years or more to offer a broad spectrum of sustainable environmental benefits.